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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Major Homebuilder Joins Partnership

From Under the Dome at the Raleigh News & Observer:
A major North Carolina home builder does not oppose a transfer tax

KB Home announced today that it has joined the Partnership for North Carolina's Future
The N.C. Home Builders Association has opposed transfer taxes for years
Tim Pittman, a spokesman for KB Home, said that the company does not feel quite as strongly. "We've not specifically endorsed a transfer tax at this point, but we're open to the idea," he said.
KB Home builds houses in North Carolina ranging in price from $120,000 to $350,000 in Charlotte and the Triangle including Martha Stewart Homes in Raleigh and Cary. The company recently introduced a program educating homebuyers on eco-friendly products at KB Home Studio showrooms.
Products throughout the studio are tagged with the myEarth logo and are accompanied by information explaining the benefits of the product. Each product will be placed in a corresponding category. The categories are:

• Energy Efficient: Options that conserve energy or generate energy from renewable sources. Examples of these products include radiant barriers, energy star appliances and light fixtures, programmable thermostats, and light dimmers.
• Water Wise: Options that help to conserve water. Examples of these products include xeriscape landscaping, low flow plumbing fixtures and faucets, water-conserving washers and dishwashers.
• Healthier Home: Options that provide for cleaner indoor air quality and water as well as products that have anti-germ or similar qualities. These include water treatment systems, central vacuum systems, low –VOC paint, and gas and electric fireplaces.
• Sustainable Sources: Options that contain recycled, recyclable and environmentally sustainable materials. These include carpet made from recycled and recyclable nylon, bamboo flooring, and doors made from recycled wood particles.
And, the Partnership for North Carolina's Future has begun running TV ads. Click the image above or [Click here] to see.

UPDATE: Read the press release about KB Home from Partnership for North Carolina's Future.

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