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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Norwalk Attackers Support Even Higher Taxes

The people who are attacking Stan Norwalk for Wake County Commissioner, by lying about his position on a half cent sales tax, actually support a higher, one cent, sales tax. The Triangle Community Coalition, an organization of builders and realtors has advocated for a large increase in the regressive sales tax:

The TCC Executive Committee, at their April 19, 2007 meeting, adopted the following resolution:

WHEREAS, the Triangle Community Coalition supports and advocates the following alternatives to fund infrastructure: the authority to impose an optional one cent sales tax to fund only roads and schools; public-private partnerships to build schools; the use of development agreements to help with infrastructure needs that benefit the community and individual developments; and the use of project development financing (also known as Tax Increment Financing)
The TCC has maintained this position at least since 2003:
The TCC therefore supports the use of a local option sales tax.
And more recently in the TCC blog, "Growth Matters":
Maybe legislators will broker a new deal, and allow counties to have more authority (a full penny versus the quarter of a penny they got last year) for a sales tax to help pay for infrastructure. The sales tax hits everyone, and not just a select few, as Rick Martinez points out in his recent column in the N and O.
Chris Sinclair, TCC blog, Growth Matters.
What is Stan Norwalk's real position on transit funding? Read what he said to the Independent:
As a general rule I am against regressive taxes that fall heavily on working and low income families. However, transit is progressive and would help such families. In that case I have proposed a portfolio of taxes including a ¼ cent sales tax coupled with assessments that would be borne by businesses that would benefit from transit. A portfolio of taxes would best serve the future needs of transit as the sales tax is not keeping up with the economy and the cost of infrastructure.
The TCC supports Norwalk's opponent, incumbent Republican Kenn Gardner. Gardner is the Commissioner who famously claimed no conflict of interest regarding the funding of an aquatic center he designed claiming he wasn't being paid, then turned around and sued the center for almost $400,000 in fees.

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