This site is about the overreaching political power of the NC Association of Realtors flush with money from cashing in your equity 6% at a time, leaving you to pay for growth with property taxes, year after year, with or without cash flow. In the last few years NCAR has pumped millions of dollars into NC political campaigns at the state and local level. They have spent millions more to defeat Local Options for Local Governments with misleading ads.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Realtor Political Stimulus Package

The North Carolina Association of Realtors (NCAR) reported spending $373,155 through the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance (NCHA) for direct mail services for 4 NC House seats, 4 NC Senate seats and 2 County Commissioner races in the 2008 election. The money went to Cornerstone Solutions & Communications according to a post-election report filed with the IRS.

Separate reports filed with the NC State Board of Elections (SBOE) by the NCHA show spending on direct mail services and on phone calls for for 4 NC Senate seats and only 3 House seats totalling $228,834. In one House race, District 41 in Wake County, NCHA spent $52,578 in negative campaigning against incumbent Ty Harrell and $4,995 in calls for his opponent Brian Gossage, a total of $57,574 for that seat.

It would appear that the balance of $144,321 was spent by the NCHA on County Commissioner races. However, the only known county (and referenced in IRS filings) was Wake County and the race known to have been targeted was in County District 4 where, despite the realtors' opposition, challenger Stan Norwalk successfully ran against incumbent Kenn Gardner.

The spending through NCHA was complemented by spending through other entities. In addition to direct contributions to candidates, the NC Realtors PAC reported to the SBOE a payment of $209,640 to Cornerstone Solutions & Communications 10/3/08 for "mail pieces". The Third Quarter report only shows spending through 10/18/08 which, for the 2007-08 election cycle, had amounted to $1,033,966. Spending through November 4th, election day, will not be known until 4th Quarter reports are filed at the end of this month.

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