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Monday, February 9, 2009

Avery Recount Pending

Reports from Avery County suggest that official results from the 19 precincts may differ from the polled results on election night. Some numbers may have been misread sufficient to change the result. A recount has been expected given the slim margin in unofficial results in favor of the transfer tax. Official results to be released Tuesday may show majority with a slimmer margin opposed to the transfer tax. Either way a contentious recount is expected.


According to unofficial results revised today 2/9/09 by the State Board of Elections, with 19 of 19 precincts reporting the votes were 1,405 for and 1,437 against (49.44% for and 50.56% against). A total of 2,842 votes were counted out of 2,844 cast. Turnout was 22.39% of 12,700 registered voters.

On election night unofficial results by the State Board of Elections, with 19 of 19 precincts reported that votes were 1,434 for and 1,409 against (50.44% for and 49.56% against). A total of 2,843 votes were counted out of 2,845 cast. Turnout was 22.40% of 12,700 registered voters.

Update 2/10/09:

The numbers keep changing. The most recent revision shows 1,414 for 1,449 against, which is a margin of 35 to defeat the transfer tax. At 49.39% for 50.61% against the margin is still less than 1%

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