This site is about the overreaching political power of the NC Association of Realtors flush with money from cashing in your equity 6% at a time, leaving you to pay for growth with property taxes, year after year, with or without cash flow. In the last few years NCAR has pumped millions of dollars into NC political campaigns at the state and local level. They have spent millions more to defeat Local Options for Local Governments with misleading ads.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ethics Shmethics

I swear I'm not making this up:

Code of Ethics Sets REALTORS® Apart
Here’s a general overview of just a few of the key principles REALTORS® willingly agree to under the Code:
· REALTORS® avoid practices, which may harm the public.
· REALTORS® do not exaggerate, misrepresent or conceal facts related to property or transactions.
· REALTORS® protect and promote their clients’ interests and treat all parties fairly.
· REALTORS® represent themselves truthfully in advertising and other public forums.
Here's what the NCAR Executive Vice President, said in a letter to the News & Observer:
After taxes and business/marketing expenses, Realtors had a net average income of $28,000.
Here's what NCAR put in its 2007 Media Kit:
NCAR Members Earn Higher Incomes
REALTORS® had a median household income of $102,330 in 2004 (last year data is available). That’s 132 percent greater than the typical American median household income of $44,389. REALTORS® median annual personal income in 2004 was $49,300. Almost one-quarter of REALTORS® had incomes that exceeded $100,000.
Would the REAL® REALTOR® income please stand up?

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