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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cornerstone Solutions

Entities that have been providing political consulting services to NC Realtors and NC Homebuilders have joined forces after collaborating for years. Public Solutions, Inc of Raleigh and Cornerstone Strategy & Communication, LLC of West Palm Beach, Florida have created a new North Carolina corporate entity called Cornerstone Solutions & Communications, Inc., doing business as “Cornerstone Solutions” according to documents filed April 2 with the Wake County Register of Deeds and earlier this year at the Secretary of State’s Office.

Public Solutions, Inc. is the firm of Chris Sinclair, head of the realtors and homebuilders Triangle Community Coalition. Cornerstone Strategy & Communication, LLC is the firm of Pradeep “Rick” Asnani. The firm began in 2004 as Cornerstone RSCS LLC, after Asnani parted ways with Richard Johnston and Randy Nielsen of Public Concepts, LLC a West Palm Beach political consulting firm the three started in 2003 as a successor firm to Johnston and Nielsen’s Public Concepts, Inc.

Asnani and Sinclair are joined by Alistair Macaulay, former PAC manager and director of political affairs for the NC Homebuilders. Asnani has been a consultant to the Triangle Community Coalition, participating in “Candidate Training Schools” and has been an originator of “astroturf”, fake grassroots coalitions like the “Everglades Forever Partnership” formed while with Public Concepts to support Florida sugar companies’ positions on Everglades pollution and development controls. Public Solutions of Raleigh has long had a Florida connection, listing Florida Crystals as a client, a common denominator with Richard Gentry a Florida lobbyist and former lobbyist for the Florida Home Builders Association. Cornerstone Strategy & Communication, LLC has provided political services to the NC Homebuilders and NC Realtors in connection with local elections in NC including transfer tax referenda.

Update 1: Cornestone Solutions & Communications, Inc., was dissolved effective 11:59pm on June 30th, 2008. Articles of dissolution dated June 18th, 2008 were filed June 19th, 2008.

Update 2: Cornestone Solutions & Communications, LLC, was formed as a Florida Limited Liability Company on June 23rd, 2008 with the same Principals, Asnani, Sinclair, Macauly

Update 3: Cornestone Solutions & Communications, LLC, was filed at the NC Secretary of State's Office as a Florida LLC doing business in North Carolina as Cornerstone Solutions on March 31st, 2009 with the same Principals, Asnani, Sinclair, Macauly

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