This site is about the overreaching political power of the NC Association of Realtors flush with money from cashing in your equity 6% at a time, leaving you to pay for growth with property taxes, year after year, with or without cash flow. In the last few years NCAR has pumped millions of dollars into NC political campaigns at the state and local level. They have spent millions more to defeat Local Options for Local Governments with misleading ads.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Realtor PAC Contributions Decline

While the NC Association of Realtors PAC reported income of $335,000 for the first half of 2008 the number is misleading because NCAR has only recently started including the administrative costs it incurs on behalf of the PAC properly as in-kind contributions. For the first two quarters of 2008 that amount was $41,300 $70,263. When actual contributions are added up the amount for the first half 2008 is only $283,652 which is less than $333,814 for the comparable period in 2007 or $349,700 for the comparable period in 2006. Real NC Realtor PAC contributions peaked in 2006 and have been declining since and, the participation rate is only about 28% among NCAR members. This is one of the reasons why NCAR is now forcing contributions from its members.

NC RPAC Individual Contributions
Period Half YearYear Total
2005 S1 $282,621.19
S2 $243,643.29$526,084.48
2006 S1 $349,699.87
S2 $233,477.41$583,177.28
2007 S1 $333,814.40
S2 $173,901.66$507,716.06
2008 S1 $283,652.47

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