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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Orange Goes For Gold

Orange County Commissioners have voted to put a Land Transfer Tax on the May ballot.

From the UNC Daily Tarheel: County to vote on transfer tax

Board members spoke of the everyday burden a sales tax would place on residents and the benefit of being able to defer payment with a land-transfer tax until their property is sold.
Those who preferred the land-transfer tax in the survey either cited that taxes are already too high or were concerned with the regressive burden a sales tax would have on lower-income families.
From the News & Observer: Orange commissioners put transfer tax on ballot
Orange County voters will decide on the May primary ballot whether to initiate a land transfer tax. The Orange County Board of Commissioners decided unanimously Tuesday to put up for a vote a 0.4 percent land transfer tax, imposed on the seller of property at the time of sale.
"I support the one-time tax on a house," said Margaret Misch, who spoke in favor of the transfer tax option.
"I think that asking people to pay every day from current income ... it's asking a bit much," said Commissioner Moses Carey Jr., explaining why he favored the land transfer tax over the sales tax. Commissioner Valerie Foushee said that she also supported a land transfer tax and that county residents would have another chance to make their feelings known at the polls.

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