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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Renew Raleigh Really Real Estate

What’s wrong with this picture? The “Renew Raleigh” sign is located illegally in a City of Raleigh right of way. I passed by 9 of these just yesterday evening. So much for “improving property and enhancing neighborhoods throughout Raleigh”. Maybe someone was just taking their trash to the curb.

According to the City of Raleigh, inspectors have been instructed to remove signs like these that are in the public right of way. When located on private property they are legal but, in the City right of way they are subject to removal and possible $100 fines. So be a dear and help keep the City clean. If you see one of these signs, or any sign like, say, a realtor sign, in the City of Raleigh right of way, contact: Faye Allen at 919-516-2546 or

There’s another signing issue that’s not quite right with the Really Realtors Renew Raleigh site. Stung by criticism of secrecy, creators of the site have released a list of “Supporters” online. Maybe they should have kept it secret. In a preliminary review more than half of the people listed are readily identifiable as members of the real estate and home building lobby. The list includes 32 brokers from York Simpson Underwood and 12 brokers from Hodge & Kittrell, two real estate companies specializing in Raleigh homes, many other realtors and, many members of the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County.

Also included as supporters are people who are not supporters. Say what? Yes, it seems the list includes everyone who has signed up for email information, not support. Some whose names appear inappropriately have tried to get removed but have found that: “the only email address listed on the web site bounces -- neat trick!”. Gives a whole new meaning to website stickiness.


Belle said...

The whole campaign reeks of misinformation and secrecy. Why fight DISCUSSION of an issue? Why scare people into thinking their rights are at stake when they are not? (Oh wait, I know of a major sitting elected official who likes to do that, too) I live in a tear-down neighborhood and oppose the rampant development, but I was relatively quiet and polite about it. Not now. If my neighbors feel the need to slap me in the face with their faux-concern over Raleigh's future and their lack of concern about the drought, growth, and historic character, then FIGHT ON.

I for one have signed the petition that Community SCALE has sponsored - it's here:

Petition online

Bette Brownfield said...

I agree. These signs are ugly and misleading. From my experience the people participating in this Renew Raleigh campaign are LIARS. You can bet I will save the number in my cell phone and call whenever I see a misplaced sign.