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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Talking About Renew Raleigh

Republican consulant Carter Wrenn at Talking About Politics shares some observations about the political activity of Renew Raleigh (which filed papers as a nonprofit corporation).

Raleigh’s realtors and homebuilders, unless they wake up politically, are about to get another does of castor oil from the City Council.
It seems the group has targeted architect and City Councilor Thomas Crowder for wanting to address infill as a planning issue. Wrenn writes:
I recently got an e-mail from a new group that’s trying to stop him – Renew Raleigh – which sent an ‘Important, Urgent’ update to five hundred supporters to oppose Crowder. It’s fine as far as it goes but these folks are talking to each other and in-speak doesn’t go but so far. Five hundred people sounds like a lot – but in an election it’s a drop in the bucket.
Sounds like they won't be filing for a 501(c)(3) any time soon. Maybe a 527.

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